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Walking at Sunset

Oh sing of summer and a sunset
And sing for us, so that we may remember
The day writes the words right across the sky
They all go all the way up to the top of the night

A few night a week I have been taking the kids for a walk around the block right before it gets dark. They love it and I love spending the time with the as we explore our neighborhood.

Handsome rides his scooter and The Goddess pushes her baby dolls in a carriage or shopping cart. Me, I just look for cars and stop the boy from wiping out.


Photo Friday – Relationships

Head on over to Photo Friday to see more pictures or to participate.

The relationship between a mother and her child is profound.


The Best Time Of The Day

You’re gonna miss this
You’re gonna want this back
You’re gonna wish these days hadn’t gone by so fast
These are some good times
So take a good look around
You may not know it now
But you’re gonna miss this – Trace Atkins

We have been taking the kids around the block at sunset. It is beautiful out and the air is crisp. My son is allowed to take his scooter (a big step for me and for him) and my daughter takes her babies. It takes us about 25 minutes to go around the block which would be about 4 if I was alone but it is so much fun.  They point out everything and my son is getting better on the scooter. He has never ridden in the street and the first night he wiped out two times. Thank God for helmets.


My Week In Pictures – August 25 – August 31, 2008

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August 25th – Where the hell was my camera?

August 26th – I took the kids to the botanical gardens. We go about 4 times a year. It was pretty sad to see so many of the flowers dying, just means that summer is ending. It was still beautiful and I took some amazing pictures.

August 27th – I went to the park with Sheress and the kids. We got there early and had the park mostly to ourselves except for some pita (pain in the ass) kid who decided to purposely spill his Red Bull drink all over the tunnels. Who gives their 11 year old Red Bull anyway? There is just as much sugar and caffeine if not more than soda.  My son and Sheress son aren’t as close as I would want them to be but I am still holding out hope that they turn out to be good friends.

August 28th – I took the kids to Borders. I really needed to get my new Amy Knapp’s Family Organizer. It really is the best. I let the kids pick out a book each every time we go. My son always picks from the Bargain bins (I love that). Border does have some awesome Bargain bins. I do a lot of my Christmas shopping through them for the kids on my list.  With 18 kids under the age of 18 to buy for you really need to spend wisely.

The book he picked was an Elmo book and had finger puppets. I have been the audience to many finger puppet shows this weekend as you can imagine.

August 29th – We spent some time at the library where we checked out a small book shelf worth. I Read all of them 3 times and played some games with the kids.  My son has been wanting to open up a manicure kit I have in my bedroom because he thinks the gloves are like boxing gloves. Wii and boxing are his favorite things at the moment. I told him the hot pink gloves are for my hands but he wore them and punched his Power Ranger punching bag for about 10 minutes. Whatever keeps him busy for a while is fine with me.

August 30th – We did some food shopping in the morning and then we got the car washed at the $5.00 car wash in town. This was their second trip through it and my daughter was a little nervous.  To read more or to see a small video head on over here.

August 31st – Today when I walked onto the deck there was a small white butterfly on it’s back. I put it on the table and took some pictures of it walking around. Goddess asked to hold it. She was so gentle and sweet with it made me think about getting her a pet for about 2 seconds. I loved watching her face as she told me it was tickling her or that she was not going to drop it. She must have held it for about 15 minutes before putting it down. She asked about it all day. I hope it eventually got its strength back and moved on.

Love’s like a butterfly as soft and gentle as a sigh – Dolly Parton


Tree Posing!

Blood on blood, One on one,  We’d still be standing when all was said and done
Blood on blood, One on one, and I’ll be here for you till Kingdom come
Blood on blood-Bon Jovi

I love this picture. At the end of our Botanical Garden trip they asked me to take their picture against this tree. I love how they both made a face and I adore their pose. What I love the most is that this picture really shows how similar they are.

As the years go by and they make friends outside of each other, I hope they will remember how very similar they are. My wish is that they always look to be in each other’s life long after they HAVE to be.


Ruby Tuesday-First Carousel Ride

Join Mary for her weekly meme called Ruby Tuesday.

She was so excited when she saw the merry-go-round. She knew exactly what animal she wanted before we even got on it. She wanted to get off the moment we strapped her on.


Now go to sleep you little child of mine. I wish I had the beauty you hold inside
Now go to sleep you little boy of mine. You make the world a better place to find.
Lyrics by Scott Weiland
I love his face on this picture. He was making a motor boat sound and just really playing with new sounds.
He was teething and very spitty. He was also very proud of himself as he climbed up on the handle of his wagon
 while holding onto a dining room chair. I wanrted him to challenge himself and he really did think he was a big deal.

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